From the raw material, through engineering, die creation, fabrication, testing, cleaning and shipment, your forging order is handled with a level of quality that only comes from years of attention to detail. Using the latest, computer aided tools, equipment and dedicated personnel, our quality assurance department will guarantee each fitting meets the required specification.

OMVAL uses established stringent processes and monitoring practices for consistent quality. To meet international standards OMVAL has ISO 9001 certified facilities and systems. All our locations adhere to country-specific regulatory and licensing mandates.


Our products are manufactured and tested in accordance to ASTM, ASME, ANSI, API and other applicable industry codes and specifications.

Material Certifications are available upon request to the applicable ASTM/ASME material specifications for all OMVAL bodies, bonnets and trims.

Chemical and mechanical properties of every OMVAL product are fully traceable to the original lot and raw material heat.

Modern machining equipment plus rigid inspections of all parts assures dimensional accuracy. Quality Assurance procedures include 100% hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of all valves that fully comply with applicable API standards and industry codes.

We are a company with a unique valve engineering know-how and more than 3 year of experience.

We produces valves for onshore and offshore applications designed in accordance with the main international specifications like API 609/BS EN-593/ IS 13095/ISO5752/ASME B 16.5/ISO 7005/API 598/API6D/BSEN 12266-1/ISO 5211/DIN EN1092 etc.

Our product range is constantly expanding: we implemented an optimized manufacturing cycle and the highest quality standards in our range of Butterfly valve (Bare shaft, lever, gear, actuator, extended neck etc.), Disc check valve (with or without spring loaded).

All these valves are available for Send and Investment casting to meet all sorts of customer requirements and specifications.

Our products have been type tested at the presence of major end users and third party inspection authorities and our design activities are audited and certified to BIS.

At OMVALs, technology and innovation coalesce to create flow-control solutions that exceed global benchmarks. The world over, OMVALs is a preferred supplier for large-size and high-pressure valves,& customized as well as valves in exotic metallurgy.

Technology and innovation are a part of the corporate DNA, and each and every product that bears the Pascal brand comes with a promise of trouble-free performance.

Product designs are created in a 3D environment leveraging state-of-the-art design, simulation and analysis software. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are employed to fine-tune product performance and enhance reliability. Rigorous prototype tests - both in-house and at advanced flow-control research establishments - ensure that the customized solutions meet customer expectations.

In-house Qualification Test Facilities
  • Hydro test
  • Pneumatic test
  • Shore hardness Test
  • Coating DFT test
  • Valve Torque Test
  • PMI Test

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